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Discussion and rewarding debates around Stroke Management

SLICE Worldwide which addresses treatment and care for ischaemic strokes. This multidisciplinary meeting allows international specialists to discuss good practices.

SLICE Worldwide: an international multidisciplinary conference dedicated to stroke treatment

SLICE Worldwide is a digital event which concerns the treatment and care of strokes. This congress brings together:

  • Neuroradiologists

  • Neurologists

  • Anaesthetists

  • Emergency doctors

  • Nurses

  • Technicians

  • Junior doctors

The objective is to allow a multidisciplinary discussion and rewarding debates around the theme.

SLICE Worldwide, practical and educational content

After 5 years of an in-person format, the congress toward a digital version in 2020, in order to allow all practitioners to participate. The distribution tools offer maximum visibility to stakeholders in the speciality. In fact, the congress is:

  • Free 

  • Broadcast online 

  • Translated into Chinese,

  • Accessible on catchup,

  • Subtitled.

During the first digital broadcast, SLICE Worldwide accumulated more than 85,000 views over the 3 days of congress. Viewing figures over the year are even more significant because SLICE is broadcast on catchup.


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SLICE Worldwide is an international audio-visual and interactive event focused on the treatment and care of strokes. Its objective is to offer an opportunity for constructive dialogue on practical and concrete cases