November 8-9, 2024

SLICE Worldwide : an international multidisciplinary conference dedicated to stroke treatment

The next SLICE conference is set in 116 days !

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SLICE Worldwide brings you all year-round exclusive live gatherings on stroke treatment and care.


Neuroradiologists, Neurologists, Anaesthetists, Emergency doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Junior doctors


The first edition of the congress was launched in 2015, but its digital format only appeared in 2020.

Countries reached

Top 6 - #1 US #2 India #3 France #4 Brazil #5 Netherlands #6 UK

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SLICE Next Frontiers

SLICE Next Frontiers is an international audio-visual and interactive event focused on practising interventional neuroradiology in the neuro-endovascular treatment of haemorrhagic pathologies. Its objective is to offer an educational vision, based essentially on practical experience.

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