Eco responsability by Dr. Christophe Cognard - SLICE Worldwide 2020


Are global warming & Climate change fake news ?

A large percent of the population doesn't make the difference between scientific knowledge and opinions, beliefs, alternative news...etc. As recent example, "the Hydroxychloroquine is a good treatment for SRAS Cov-2" according to scientist it's completly false but with the media, it's easier to talk about everything even without any proof. So  the fake news overcame the science.

Do you really believe that there is a real climate change but not only normal variations?

Doctor Christophe Cognard's quotation:

Do you really believe that it can be due to human activities?

According to the picture, the global temperature and the CO2 have grown together since 1880. Source : National Climate Assessment 2014

What is the greenhouse gases effect ?

The greenhouse effect. First the sun's radiation travels toward the earth. About half is reflected or absorbed by clouds and the armosphere. The rest reaches the earth, where it is absorbed by oceans and land. Then the earth also releases heat back toward space. Some of this heat passes directly through the atmosphere. But most of it is captured and retained by greenhouse gases.

What to think if even scientists disagree ?
What's the problem with climate change ?
What are the climate change scenarios ?
Where does the Carbon comes from ?

Doctor Christophe Cognard's quotation:
What can we do to reduce carbon footprint ?
What can we do individually ?

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