WEB™ 17: the most versatile WEB platform so far by Microvention


Single, 3 dimensional Intrasaccular Implant

Microbraid™ mesh of extremely fine Nitinol and platinum wires

WEB™ device seals neck and conforms to aneurysm wall:

- Disrupts flow

- Protects aneurysm dome

- Provides scaffold for endothelialization

Suitable for unruptured and ruptured aneurysms


Measure the size (Width, Height and Neck) of the aneurysm in two orthogonal projections.

Select the appropriate WEB™ device shape: SL (Single Layer) or SLS (Single Layer Spherical)

Refer to the corresponding WEB™

Device Selection Table or WEB ™

Sizing App to determine the correct WEB™ device size


Slowly advance the embolization device out of the introducer sheath and inspect for any damage

Insert the proximal end into the detachment control device.

Do not press the detachment button.

Green light flashes + beeps = OK


Insert the sheath mid-valve and flush

Position the tip of VIA micro catheter away from aneurysm wall, close to neck entrance

You are able to resheath and reposition

Slowly advance the embolization device out the tip of the microcatheter

Perform XperCT or DynaCT prior to WEB detachment to confirm proper placement

Light flash green + intermittent tone = delivery device properly connected

Push detachment button

Solid green light + continuous beep = detachment OK

Verify detachment by pulling back slowly on the delivery device


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