Phenox pRESET - SLICE Tutorial


In 2021, phenox has announced launch of NEW pRESET 5-40 & pRESET LUX thrombectomy devices phenox

The pRESET device is a stentriever that is employed for mechanical thrombectomy in patients with acute ischemic stroke, due to large vessel occlusion.

With the development of the new pRESET 5-40, phenox is responding the trend towards the use of longer thrombectomy devices, which may have the capability to remove a larger clot mass in fewer attempts. The 5-40 product line extension inherits the principal pRESET design, including a low-profile of 0.021” delivery platform.

“With these two line extensions of the pRESET family we are contributing to making thrombectomy procedures safe and effective. The current literature as well as user feedback confirmed to us that this is the way to go in the future.” says Dr.-Ing. Hermann Monstadt, managing partner and founder of phenox.

The phenox pRESET product line with its innovative proximal closed "ring" design and the helically shaped slit facilitates the safe and effective treatment of ischemic stroke. The closed “ring” design ensures a stable opening, reduces tapering when withdrawn and provides optimized distribution of radial force.

pRESET Lite features as the lower profile devices in the pRESET portfolio deliverable through a 0.165“ microcatheter. Find the latest features of the pRESET Lite 3mm and 4mm device in the tutorial.

• Proximal ► pRESET 4-20, 5-40, 6-30, 6-50 ►MC compatibility 0.021"
• Distal ► pRESET LITE 3-20, 4-20 ► MC compatibility 0.0165"/0.017"
Never push pRESET beyond the distal tip of the micro catheter
• To deploy the stent, gently withdraw the micro catheter
• "Empty catheter technique" Increase the lumen diameter for aspiration, remove the MC after the stent is deployed

• Move the aspiration catheter distal tip to the proximal end of the clot
Wait for 5 minutes before starting withdrawal
• Slowly pull back the PRESET during Continuous aspiration
• If additional ballon or stunting is needed you an add the pORIAL extension wire PRESET LITE only)

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