Brain vascular anatomy & brain cortical function understanding mismatch by Dr. Raul NOGUEIRA - SLICE Worldwide 2021


In this Library, Dr. Raul NOGUEIRA's talking about the current indications for Mechanical Thrombectomy in acute stroke. He will approach the notion of Medical Futility, mRS outcomes measures and the difference between based medicine and precision medicine...

What is Medical Futility ?

Basically, a medical futility is a medical act, that doesn’t procure any advantage for the patient. There is two branches of medical futility :

  • Quantitative futility: likelihood of benefit is exceedingly poor (<1% chance of success)
  • Qualitative futility: quality of benefit is exceedingly poor.

Neither approach is adequate and no consensus on what constitutes a benefit 

Exceedingly probability rather than uncertainty and unpredictability define futility...

Medical futility should not be confused with health care rationing.

You don't have to ask, "How much does this therapy cost?" But, 'Do the advantages of this therapy outweigh the disadvantages in the patient?'


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