CorPath GRX: Assisted Aneurysm Coiling by CORINDUS


How to perform a robotic sent-assisted aneurysm coiling with CorPath GRX?

- Attach Cassette to draped Bedside Unit

- Prepare Cassette for the procedure

- Devices prepped for robotic intervention

- Extra RHV for balloon support, if needed

- Load microcatheter and guidewire into Cassette while keeping devices secure

- Attach Microcatheter Support Clip to optimize microcatheter delivery

- Lock Track Clamp and adjust RHV before beginning robotic intervention

- Navigate across neck of aneurysm using Control Console

- Enable Active device Fixation to help pin wire during microcatheter movement 

- Exchange wire for stent at Bedside Unit

- Load selected stent into Cassette

- Deploy sent using joysticks and touchscreen on Control Console

- Exchange for wire, navigate into aneurysm using Control Console

- Exchange wire for coil at Bedside Unit

- Deploy coils using Control Console until aneurysm is completely packed

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