Take a new approach : changing the way we do radial access


Medtronic - Rist Radial Access Guide Catheter & Rist Radial Access Selective Catheter

Rist" Radial Access Guide Catheter with Rist" Radial Access Selective Catheter
Designed for radial access > 50% More flexible distal end
Proximal stainless-steel flat wire cross coil construction Distal 6 cm Nitinol round wire coil
Flush Rist Radial Access Guide Catheter (7F) and Rist Radial Access Selective Catheter (5.5F)

Insert guidewire (0.35 or 0.38) into the 5.5F Insert 5.5F in 7F
Distal tip protrudes from the distal tip of the guide catheter
Navigate acute bends Various lengths for right radial to right side intervention and right radial to left side intervention
Trackability into the 1CA, providing a stable platform in the aortic arch

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