SIM & SIZE - SLICE Tutorial


The new software Sim&Size to improve therapeutic planning

It's a medical device dedicated to the simulation of IMD's indicated in the under vascular treatment of intracranial aneurysms. To import in Sim&Size, you just have to drag and drop your file then double-click on it. It will open the model selection page. Depending on your treatment strategy, you can select the module you want to use.

The first step of the workflow is to verify the region of interest, thanks to AI technology, the software will detect the aneurysm and position the sphere on it. You can change the position of the reconstruction before adjusting the size and the position of the sphere.

Threshold step:

The goal is to verify if the construction of the software is occurring. To check it you can use a cross-section plan and use the blue lines related to the artery walls in white. While adding the ID sighs module, we will focus on the aneurysm sac then you can adjust the value of the threshold

Microcatheter inlet selection:

There already is an inlet selected, it's automatic, but you can easily change it.

Identifying aneurysm's dome:

The objective is to reconstruct the right center lines to proceed to your simulation. You need to cover the volume of the aneurysm with the orange area. Then you need to identify the center line of the aneurysm, then you can choose different  models of balloon depending on the volume. With the ID science module, you know if the model is or isn't adapted to the aneurysm's volume.

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