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AXS Vecta™ 74 - Size 0.074in by Stryker

This device is designed with more room for stent assisted coiling or balloon assisted coiling and the tip shape loss has been reduced by 28% from Synchro 2 Guidewires

Prepare your device:

Flush Excelsior microcatheter then insert synchro SELECT™ guidewire

Dual catheter technique:

Position the 1st catheter at the bottom of the aneurysm
Position the 2nd catheter at the neck the aneurysm
Carefully remove delivery wire and sheath together to prevent coil moving in the sheath
Deploy a loop of the 1st coil

Deploy a loop of the 2nd one
Continue coiling simultaneously loop by loop
Ensure you see the T marker shape
1 beep = contact, press button, 3 beeps = detachment ok
Carefully remove the 1st micro-catheter from the bottom of the aneurysm.

Repeat the same steps for the 2nd coil.

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