Artisse™: Intrasaccular Device by MEDTRONIC


Flared shape for a stable implant

Electrolytic detachment <1min

Compatible with 0.021" micro-catheter

Braided Nitinol/Platinum Drawn Filled tube wires


Compare 2D and 3D views and choose the device accordingly


Follow the arrow to remove the device from the dispenser coil

Inspect the device

Deploy & Resheat while submerged until no air bubbled are seen

Load the device

Insert mid valve


Push inside micro catheter

Remove sheath

Push until fluorosafe markers


Position the mec distal tip away from aneurysm wall

Push the wire while slowly retreating the catheter

Artisse™ can be resheated up to 3 times


Attach ground wire to the patient shoulder

Attach anode clip to the proximal end of the device

Turning device ON: Hold button for 3s

Ready to use

Detach by short pressing the button (<3s)

Blue LED flashing + device beeping = Detachment successful

Slowly retrieve pusher wire to check for detachment

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