27 episodes
WEB™ device detachment by MICROVENTION
WEB™ 17: the most versatile WEB platform so far by Microvention
Better together: Target coils and Neuroform Atlas™ by STRYKER
Take a new approach: changing the way we do radial access by MEDTRONIC
Trusted in Action: Onyx™ Liquid Embolic System by MEDTRONIC
Experience the Axium™ Effect: Axium™ Detachable Coil Family by MEDTRONIC
CorPath GRX: Assisted Aneurysm Coiling by CORINDUS
Full Access Solution Stryker
Decision making and sizing for p48 MW and p64 MW (HPC) by SIM AND SIZE
Surpass Evolve™: Flow diversion simplified by STRYKER
Pipeline™ Vantage with Shield Technology™ for intracranial aneurysms by MEDTRONIC
Silk vista: Bringing flow diversion to the next level by BALT
FRED™ X: Bioinert surface treatment that enhances flow diverter delivrability by MICROVENTION
p64 MW (HPC): Device preparation and deployment by PHENOX
p48 MW (HPC): device preparation and deployment by PHENOX
Comaneci: the embolization assist device by RAPID MEDICAL
Pipeline™ Flex embolization device with Shield technology™ by MEDTRONIC
Idsize: A leading-edge technology for intrasaccular devices sizing by SIM AND SIZE
SKILL Assist™ Remote medical education supported by Careprod Technologies
LVIS™ EVO remodeling technique by MICROVENTION
Surpass Streamline: opens with confidence by STRYKER
Stent-assisted Coiling Embolization by HeartCare
Introducing the novel Contour Neurovascular System™ by CERUS
LVIS™ EVO Shelf technique by MICROVENTION
Fdsize: Flow diverters advanced sizing assistant by SIM AND SIZE